Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Less I See of your Face the Better

Chic Beat

By Tony Q. Daffodil

It might just be me but every time I see some goofball walking down the street with tiny little sunglasses I feel like throwing up. There is nothing worse than seeing some kid who thinks he’s the bees knees rocking the John Lennon’s. That’s why you have to listen to one of my key style tips because without it everyone including your dog will be giggling about how stupid you look behind your back. Glasses with big frames are the only way to go! Big glasses are cool, styling, and you will be the envy of every kid on the block. But there are some rules to go along with this too. First rule in big sunglasses is never get big glasses with equally big arms. As a rule of thumb the arms should never be any thicker than a pencil. If the arms are too thick then the glasses over power your face and it will make you look like you should be chillin’ with “The Situation” aka trashy. The second rule that must be followed, make sure the front of the glasses are fun and exciting. When you find yourself saying “these are okay I guess, but they’re cheap,” you should not buy them. Also avoid alien glasses; you know what I’m talking about. The last rule is, don’t go too big, looking like a clown is never a good thing. Get something that you can be proud of and the will make you the cats pajamas. Now that you know what to wear there is no time to spare go get a pair.

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