Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sweet 66

Hey brothers-

George just blogged and I thought I should too.

Everything in my neck of the woods is great. I had a really terrible case of the flu last week, and I could have blogged, but eh. I'm healthy now. Giz thinks I got her sick, which is a lie. Whatever. Believe what you wish, Giz.

Veteran Ficus is good. He turned 66 friday. I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said, "I'm not hanging out with you."

Thanks, dad.

Glasses is good. He went to Florida and saw Rocky Picture Horror Show. He is no longer a virgin...a Rocky virgin.

The weather is nice, senior year is rapidly approaching, and life is looking up.

Hellooooooo fine black ladies!

sorry we have been occupied lately. junior year sucks. at this exact moment i am waiting for grandphather ficus to hurry up and fix the dryer so that i can go to the barn and see ponaynay ficus. you all should know this by now that i am too bootylicious, and i like my beats fast and my bass down low.



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