Wednesday, August 31, 2011


its funny how much people change in 3 years. this picture was taken when i was a sophomore, just a wee tot in the long view. i sure as hell wouldnt have worn these pants when i was in 8th grade and a mere 2 years later and BAM there they are. people are interesting, ever changing, creatures. i love LOVE that aspect of human kind even though it can be annoying.

Change isnt always good.. sometimes its scary. As much as people themselves change, they hate change when it happens. I personally hate when certain things decide to become different. for example, when my conditioner happens to magically change directions and go in my parents' bathroom. (if someone could explain this phenomenon i would be impressed and forever grateful.) it pisses me off then things dont go the way i want them to. it absolutely infuriates me when people cut me off on the freeway or dont stop at stop signs. Why? because thats how things are supposidly supposed to happen. i guess what i'm really getting at is that there really arent any definite ways to the world. we follow stop signs and signals because we have been told to. (and we dont want to dent our cars) we are creatures of habit and really, thats ok.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I did it. This little ficus is all aloneeee. Player's gotta play. Basically 3 years later and it got ugly. Apparently my age made the MR. uncomfortable. Because you know, my age dramatically changed when I got braces. I went from 17, to 12 in a matter of hours. What ever ladies and gents. I'm not angry, not really that upset anymore. I'm more...I think the correct term would be, "back on top". (no pun intended)

if anyone can find the man in the batman suit, (lack there of) i will give a mighty fine reward and go roller skating... naked. the search is on my friends.

stay thirsty,

George Ficus

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

T-5 days

Hey lovers-

It was a very hot day. I accompanied a friend to LaSalle today. They start school tomorrow and today was their freshman orientation...all I can say is that I'm glad I don't go to LaSalle.

Everything is going well. I'm almost done with my summer reading, Alverno has new desks and I have a selection of photos for my locker. I've decided that the theme should be black divas. Not bad, right? Senior year hasn't even started yet, but it sure does look promising. The mister and I have two classes together. Office Aide and Creative Writing, maybe the two best classes ever. As office aides, we take our job very seriously, but I want to photocopy pictures of us on homework.

The "nice" guy I met at the scary high school party is still nice. XXX is his name now. He's teaching me to drive, but he doesn't have a license.

I ordered my senior pictures. They're coming in three weeks. The countdown begins...

I am etc.,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i tried to blog and it wouldnt let me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"i'm a photo journalist."

photo 1. because everyone loves spandex

photo 2. because everyone loves an angry tourist

photo 3. what the fuck am i looking at? YOU

i typed in creepers in google images. apparently it is a type of show. "so ugly yet so cute."

i recently went to scandinavia. (it isnt one country it is a region in europe you dumb fucks) it was marvelous. a week after i got back, some extremist decided to massacre 84ish people. rest in peace peeps... terrorists suck. to be more specific i went to denmark, sweden, norway, russia, latvia, finland, and lets not forget Amsterdam, Holland. if any of you get to go to the baltics, please go to russia. it was my favy just fyi.

things are going extremely well right now for sea life. butters is in peru helping the orphans. (show me the orphans!) georgia is...doing georgia stuff and thats always a plus. dyke is..being dykey. (keep up the good work!) the little one is off the radar so, i guess that means shes doing well too. as for myself, i fell off a pony today and didnt land on my head so.. PROPS TO THE GEORGEY MAN!


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