Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black and yellow

Hey freaks&geeks-

I babysat the girls yesterday. Josebean stood up on the couch and yelled at the top of her three year old lungs


I asked Katie what the fuck was going on...

"She's making an announcement."

I fucking love kids. Speaking of children, I went to my preschool yesterday. I gave a snowglobe to one of the teachers in 1997 and it's still there. It has a picture of me in it looking wistfully into the sunset. What the fuck?

My husband is back on the facebooks, so please friend him.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Blues.

I hate Christmas. Everything is different this year and I am fine with that it's just...all so fake. My family tried to do a secret santa type deal and really, my mom just went out and bought everything. Someone gave me a shirt that reads "when i snap you'll be the first to go." Not only does that make me look like a bitch, but I really do snap sometimes. It's something I've had trouble with and the shirt makes my problem look like a joke.
I'm always seen or portrayed as the "bad" one. I don't do anything that bad. Apparently I'm promiscuous, a liar, a cheater, an over all horrible person. My father refused to go to his mother's house. Fine. Despite the drama at Thanksgiving, he should have still gone to make her happy. I'm not the only Christmas Ruiner. Maybe it's genetic. Now he wants me to apologize to my little sister because it's Always me. I Always fuck up. It's expected. Apologies can't be forced and thus I'm not going to apologize to simply make my hypocritical father happy. I'll apologize when I'm good and ready so, not anytime soon.
I ruined Christmas last year. I did it again this year. Atleast I'm consistent.

happy holidays everyone.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sky Pee

It's been raining for a week now...great. Ponaynay Ficus does Not enjoy this at all. I have been walking him everyday and everyday you can see him get more and more bored. His brain is FRIED. A certain Italian boy was smoking in Georgia's parking lot. No bueno. I hate the rain.. hate, but I do enjoy this picture.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Hello peeps,

Sorry I haven't been around lately. Shit happens. Basically, nothing has happened. Sherman and Seamus are our new best friends. All is well with ponaynay ficus. Today is ChellPhish's Christmas party...we are exxxcited about the party, however we hate Christmas.

I recently purchased a designer dress for 10 dollars. I am God.

- George

Monday, December 13, 2010

What would Joseph do?

Hey publics-

The mister and I are acting as actors in the live nativity scene at school. I'm playing the role of Joseph and George is a wise man. He is accompanied by a ginger and a black woman. They're a multicultural group. We had rehearsal tonight and raved while in the manger. It was thrilling.

We also had an afternoon snack with a man named Spike. We are cookie dough in a parking lot and yelled at cars nearby. It was also thrilling.
A black guy and a ginger want to date me. I just wanted to say that.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Hello Motherfuckers-

I'm sorry again about the lateness of this blog. George and myself are utterly busy and the blog may or may not be updated more often.

The mister and I have come to a new level in our friendship. This level is 10.5, and though we cannot tell you exactly what goes into this new level, we love each other dearly and all is well between us.

Badass Ficus got in trouble yesterday about calling whomever a terrible name. She let George wear the hat. (Photo to come soon.)

I've got to walk to school now with Neighbor Ficus.




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