Friday, June 11, 2010

The apology letter

Dear fellow bloggers/followers,

Georgia and I would like to openly apologize for not keeping up with the promised daily posts. We have been busy with the last few weeks of our sophomore educations with great and forgetful joy.

I hope this following will make up for the 2 week absence:

Fern Willow and the two fellow willows are at a competitive gathering this weekend. Hopefully, they don't get dumped at the ditch or abandoned at the water. Followers, wish them luck and maybe even send out a prayer shout out to the Man ^^upstairs.

still hated, less adorable, more fry-able.

I found a frog flashlight-keychain mechanism. I toyed with it... tried to make it work. Eventually, I lost all hope and put it down. I picked it up right now, realized I hadn't found the button on the top 20 minutes ago. As a result, the frog now doesn't work and is lying across the room in about 20 pieces. Sorry kermit.

Georgia is in Santa Cruz. Her brother, Bonsai Ficus, is graduating from UCSC. Congrats to Bonsai Ficus. Georgia, wants to cheat on me with his ever so tastey friend. How's that scandy candy for ya? yummm.

Some of you may be wondering how the lady of the garden is. Well, because she is in Santa Cruz, she won't be able to blog for another 3 days. But, if you must know how she is doing; she is in good health.

George Ficus

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