Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bladder Infections and Ex-Boyfriends.

So Georgia has a Bladder infection. I am currently sitting on her bed consolling her. She is wearing red shorts and tank top, minus a bra. At least she is wearing underwear. we had a going away dinner for Dyke Ficus. It was good and we met a few boys wearing themed shirts. Koolaid and Koolaid's friend weren't as tight as we thought. Elmo has been a douche. Georgia keeps harassing them and Koolaid's friend wants Georgia's goodies.

I hung out with My Dinger. He wants to start a Poligamist Cult. He invited Sylvia Ficus to join it. She denied the offer. Georgia doesn't want to say anything... she's a bit tired.

diva-licious. yes, it's hyphinated.

george ficus.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

toot it and boot it....what?

george is still away. now i am starting to undstand how he felt when i was gone.

i'm good. no complaints today. i tanned earlier and got a bank account because i am a working girl with checks to cash. i got to pick my debit card design. obviously, i am not an adorable kind of lady, so i picked the marine one. you're welcome, dad and george.
at work yesterday, thom oak and i drank yellow cat fucks. it is a delicious drink that must be had only on the terrace of the castle green. paddy brought us cookies and pickles, which i did not enjoy in the least.
mustang tobacco and i are going to watch mad men tonight. i'd watch mad men with anyone, but he's nice because he understands like kennedy references. i appriciate that.

i love astrud gilberto.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

coming up roses

hey motherfuckers-

my back is killing me. and i'm realzing that most of what i write about is complaints. and i don't really mind that. oh, well.
i saw mustang tobacco today after i cleaned hedleman daisy's closet. boy, was that a feat. i got a black backpack, chandler uniform and a superman pencil case out of it. watch out, junior year. i'm about to look FABULOUS.
mustang was and is good and smells like tobacco. which i enjoy.
last sunday i saw my lovely friend k-merc. i missed her. she's one of my only non-family cubans. her mom is an angel from heaven and her brother smokes pall malls, my alma mater.
oh, to be young.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

there's a land that i see where the children are free

hey homos-

i'm so tired today. i've been exhausted since friday night. i don't really know what's going on with me, but i know i need a fucking nap. i also need to do my APUSH homework right this second, but i'm not going to.
let's nap together.



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