Thursday, July 29, 2010

hey guys, sorry i was away.

I took a leap of faith off of ponaynay ficus. it's on tape and it's glorious. Georgia is doing well. She blogged yesterday but I'm blogging now. I am showing an actual Ponaynay all weekend; not exactly thrilled but OH WELL. Ponaynay Ficus was really good at the "mommy and me camp that happens to be for horses". Grandmother Willow was pleased. At church, we played a game involving a cat fish. i cut my finger on accident. it was a full sized dead catfish. the goal was to hit people on the heads in order to crack the egg in a stocking on the heads. gloruious. I am going on a church thingy next week, lets hope i make it out alive. Wish me luck.

Praise jesus,
George Ficus

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


hey motherpuckers-

i'm so tired and bored. life was exciting yesterday and the day before. i got my industrial piercing and i am very happy with it. it didn't bleed when i got it, but it hurt like a mother. it's still sore. yesterday was my good friend cactus deems birthday. we ate indian food and watched sixteen candles.

i'm watching boogie nights tonight.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Horizontal Bop

Today i learned a new way of remembering horizontal vs. vertical. its called the horizontal bop. You cant do the horizontal bop vertically. You can youtube this song, The Horizontal Bop by Bob Seger.

Thanks Annon Ficus.

Friday, July 16, 2010

hey blog reading people-

i have a sinus infection. i'm attempting to complete my APUSH paper about the harlem renaissance, but my face hurts so much that i can't focus.
work is fantastic. thom oak and i hung special needs kids art in boxes by memorial park. go take a look. the tin foil giraffe is my personal favorite.
other than that, i've been rather bored and hot. i hate summer more than i hate ladybugs. (i have a terrible fear and hate of ladybugs.) i can't wait for february on one of those worthless but cold months.
i'm going to get an industrial ear piercing. wish me luck.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


hellllllllllllllllo blog readers with nothing better to do!
i'm so sorry that i have not blogged lately. i was in santa cruz with bonsai for a few days THEN i was in chicago for two weeks and just recently got back. here's a recap of my trip...
-went to a gay bar.
-made out with a dude in a field.
-got drunk on a boat.
-learned to salsa and cha cha.
i heard a lot of spanish and flirted with a lot of men (sorry, george.) my aunt said something really and truely touching about me.
"put a chastity belt on her."
now that's love.
i got a job with an organization called light bringer project. they put on arts events in pasadena and i get to work in the castle green. VERY pimpin'. i'm a paid intern, which sounds awfully legit.
last night, daisy woods and i went to johnny rockets. the waiter had a crush on me, so i left him a bandaid with my number on it. "use me when you're hurting."

didn't you miss me?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mein Kampf written by Adolf Hitler

It is a rude awakening
when one realizes their existence
is shallow and plastic
That the motive for your existence has never been about pursuing knowledge or realizing the potential of your mind.
My fake laugh has become so natural it is almost real.
The lies I've told myself have become so ingrained in my mind that it is no longer truth that I can tell you,
but a premeditated,
twisted form of the truth.

So I say to my past "lovers" or anyone who has ever given me a passing feeling: it is not mutual. The only reason I stuck around was to satisfy my narcissistic dependency on attention.
All of you could go get run over by a bus
and I would only be concerned about who would fellate me with their words next.

Oh but of course it would appear that I was upset.
I would throw out some government subsidized tears,
maybe an artificially manufactured
"I can't believe they're gone."
On the inside there would always be a hopeful feeling
that I could find someone new to satisfy me,
maybe someone with less issues to deal with.
Hey, maybe this whole bus thing isn't so bad!

There is no way to truly scar me,
as long as there is a song to validate or an idea to use or
a cigarette to attract attention
I will always be ok.

The bottom line of this is the one thing I will ever be able to say with full honesty to anyone:
I don't care about you.
I don't care about your emotional state or your quality of life.
I only feel remorse that I couldn't have used you more.

The Love Letter

"my dearest and most loving george,

today is our anniversary. on this fine day two years ago, i tripped into ms. ares class and fell into love with you. we've had good times and difficult times. we have fought about nothing and made up in three seconds. we have bonded over our shared love of MI-chael. chicken strips and icee's have fed our souls, as well as our fat asses. for every laugh, there was another laugh. for every other laugh, there was a dirty joke. george, i am confident our love is the affair of the century. we have an unbreakable unity that not even chuck norris could break (sorry, haylee.) i love you, my little panda/ravier/raver/koko."

The Less I See of your Face the Better

Chic Beat

By Tony Q. Daffodil

It might just be me but every time I see some goofball walking down the street with tiny little sunglasses I feel like throwing up. There is nothing worse than seeing some kid who thinks he’s the bees knees rocking the John Lennon’s. That’s why you have to listen to one of my key style tips because without it everyone including your dog will be giggling about how stupid you look behind your back. Glasses with big frames are the only way to go! Big glasses are cool, styling, and you will be the envy of every kid on the block. But there are some rules to go along with this too. First rule in big sunglasses is never get big glasses with equally big arms. As a rule of thumb the arms should never be any thicker than a pencil. If the arms are too thick then the glasses over power your face and it will make you look like you should be chillin’ with “The Situation” aka trashy. The second rule that must be followed, make sure the front of the glasses are fun and exciting. When you find yourself saying “these are okay I guess, but they’re cheap,” you should not buy them. Also avoid alien glasses; you know what I’m talking about. The last rule is, don’t go too big, looking like a clown is never a good thing. Get something that you can be proud of and the will make you the cats pajamas. Now that you know what to wear there is no time to spare go get a pair.


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