Thursday, July 29, 2010

hey guys, sorry i was away.

I took a leap of faith off of ponaynay ficus. it's on tape and it's glorious. Georgia is doing well. She blogged yesterday but I'm blogging now. I am showing an actual Ponaynay all weekend; not exactly thrilled but OH WELL. Ponaynay Ficus was really good at the "mommy and me camp that happens to be for horses". Grandmother Willow was pleased. At church, we played a game involving a cat fish. i cut my finger on accident. it was a full sized dead catfish. the goal was to hit people on the heads in order to crack the egg in a stocking on the heads. gloruious. I am going on a church thingy next week, lets hope i make it out alive. Wish me luck.

Praise jesus,
George Ficus

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