Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alpha Twin, Beta Twin.

Hello all. Sorry I haven't written lately. George and I are very busy bees.
This week is spirit week.
Today was twin day. (Never go full twin.) George and I wore men's running shorts from the 1980's. Mine were half purple and magenta. George's were neon pink. People enjoyed us, as usual. Tomorrow is wacky tacky day, so get ready Alverno community.
I'm going to Chicago for two weeks in july and I am just so PUMPED. It's going to be so Cuban, you have no idea. NO IDEA. Butters is upset because she isn't going to Chicago this summer. I'm upset too, but fuck it. I love you Butters.
There's this guy across the street. He drives a big truck. He's like 18. I want to be his friend. I only see him like once a month, so it's a difficult task. I will prevail.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Damn The Chickens

Chickens... Chirp chirp chirp chirp after god damn chirp after fucking chirp..... Silence. CHIRP CHIRP FUCK YOU CHIRP CHIRP!!!silence.... Peck peck.. Ding a ling.... Scratch scratch scratch flap chirp...chirp....chirp....GOD DAMN CHICKENS!!!! WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY IN MYROOM!?! they arent mine.. I never volunteered. Why me?

I crawl in bed after I check their water. I blanket the cage as if they were parakeets. These chickens are living the life of luxury. I wish I had someone tuck me in every night. I turn their heat lamp on; God forbid they get cold. They all huddle together and...chirp. Eventually, they quiet down but I still want them deep fried in a commercial bucket. See? Now they are gently chirping... Chirping chirping.... Chirping. You see, everytime I cover them I feel like I'm just throwing a blanket over my problems. They are hidden, but annoying as FUCK. I KNOW THEYRE THERE! I HEAR THEM AND SEE THEM! CAN'T YOU? IS IT JUST ME WITH THIS BURNING INFESTATION WITHIN ME?! AM I SO WRONG TO PULL A BLANKET OVER MY CHIRPING PROBLEMS?! THEY WONT SHUT UP NO MATTER HOW I SUBTLY STRANGLE AND GAG THEM! ....maybe it is just me... Maybe, just maybe, I'm wrong... Maybe I've done everything wrong and by taking the road less taken I took the wrong one... But, how to solve the problem of the chirping chickens? Goddamn chickens...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blog War Peace Treaty

Dear Unmentioned Fellow Blogger,

Stop blogging about Me indirectly. It's kind of lame and stupid because no one really cares. It would be greatly apprecited if you just dropped me as subject matter.

Fellow Blogger,
George Ficus

Lady of the house speaking.
I had a very nice day. Nothing was too weird or too uncomfortable. Good day. I wore my seahorse bubble wand necklace and blew bubbles at Mr. Holmes. He didn't notice.
My prom dress is pretty. I enjoy it, but I have no shoes.
Do the Right Thing rocks.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Hurricane in my Brain

i'm so happy. Everything in life, at this second, 12:43, is good. i'll probably feel differently after pilates, but fuck it.
Yesterday was National Adoption Day, National Birth Control Day, and Mother's Day. Me and my mama watched Betty White and Jay-Z on Saturday Night Live. Those are my two favorite people. I was very happy.
Georgia and Gatsby are going to prom saturday. I don't have a dress yet... FUCK. He gets to meet my ENTIRE family. FUCK. i have butterflies inside, inside, inside.
And a special shout out to Lauren Cimino. She is a constant inspiration to for George and i. We'd just like to publicly show our appreciation for her.
Official Count Down:
751 days until san fran.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A shout out to all my beautiful ladies

To my baby lauren cimino AKA HD TV:
i love you mama and ill see you manana.

To Haylee:
You looked Fly today.

To Ma gurl Sienna:
man... you is tall.. and beautifullll

To Kelly Shun:
I think it's cool you lived in the middle east...


(i'm black.)
george and i would like to thank all of our readers. i'd like to give a special SHOUT OUT to ashley lopez and julie bailey for their beautiful auras.

in pilates today, i actually worked out. my arms are shaking as i write this. also, i'm starving!


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