Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey party peeps

Sorry I have been a Pessimistic Paul lately. I will try to perk it up a bit.

The way the Attack Koi work is you click on the water and orange dots appear. The orange dots are food. They go for the food so click away.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

People actually read this?

Really? People actually read what George an I say? The power of bordem and the internet is amazing. I hope you like the photo. It's from the vault. Doesn't George look like a certain Korean?

I'm getting over the flu. It was horrible on friday and saturday. I went the the Little One's party friday night, then proceeded to crash and burn (literally). My fever was no match for the weather, though. How the hell does a thermometer even break?

Jazz Hands Pattison is trying to hook me up with a man. Said man is in the play, but he is not my love interest. My love interest is a very nice senior (maybe junior) at PHS. He attempted to slap my booty in the play. Oy. No one showed up to rehearsal today, so we have to have friday rehearsal. I'm not happy or exxxcited about it.

I get a new telephone tomorrow. It's red. I'd appricate name suggestions.
RIP Benjamin. You will be missed, sweet phone.

Good vibes out to our lovely lunch woman. She was burned on her face this morning.


Monday, September 27, 2010

It's frickin hot.

so today is a rather hot day.
school was boring up until I saw one of our favorite Golden girl's nailpolish. WE MATCHED. She also gave me her Dr. Pepper. Georgia is sick so please send some prayers up her alley. (no pun intended) Our improv was good, math was oddly entertaining, aiding the office was good and my fellow aide finally got a letter from her man. Props to you fellow aide.
I guess I have an anatomy test tomorrow. Shit. I have no idea how to study for that plus, I don't really want to. I will though, so far it's my lowest grade. A C IS MY LOWEST GRADE, and I think hell froze over this September.

- George

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why helloooo there fellow bloggettes!

Sorry for the delay,I was too busy aiding the office. Yeah, Georgia isn't an office aide anymore, we miss her greatly. I now dance the dance of the printer...alone. I have office aide tomorrow so, let's see if tomorrow is filled with printing and shmoozing. Ponaynay Ficus will now be known as Rambo/Rocky Ficus. He feels nor fears no pain. Grandmother Willow got her ear peirced along with a short new hair cut. I say mid life crisis but really, her mom ruined her hair and the ear peircing just had to be done. I guess some of the orchard girls are making some naughty decisions. They aren't in the nursery anymore. Georgia looked like a pirate today in her huge men's button down shirt tucked into the tiny khaki skirt. Watch out there pirates of the world, my Wife is gonna kick some major sumali ass.
Yesterday, Swiss Chocolate and The Boy got in a fight. Guess who came up stairs crying? The Boy got beat by Swiss Chocolate. Hoorah to you swissy, hoorah.

Fight on little one, fight on.


Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm in independent study religion.

You heard that right, folks. I'm no longer an office aide with George. Taking the place of my 2 period is FIRST SEMESTER FRESHMAN RELIGION. Seriously. No yoke. It's totally balls that I have to retake the class, but IS is sort of fun. It would be so much more fun if Giselle wasn't here. Mr. Merchant has decent taste in music. Today is the first run-through of the play and I am just tickled pink.
Mandie is wearing a really hilarious headset. She looks like a flight attendant.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

so, my grandm died.

yeah. she died on august 26, which is why i haven't blogged in a long time.
i'm sorry.
but good news! i'm in the school play! i'm myrtle in "harvey." i'm liza's daughter. match made in fucking heaven. it'll be a good show. oh, also, i have to fall in love with a burly man in the show. so exxxcited.
i have to go be jewish.
i'm also a wannabe indie kid.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two Weeks in Hell

hello there ladies,

i am currently sitting on my mother's bed watching "two weeks in hell". these green barets are getting "smoked". nothing has really been going on. there are certain people out there that i simply cannot tolerate anymore. so heres to you ass holes, suck my dick. it's one thing to claim no phobias, but another to prove it.
georgia and i are having an odd first two weeks of school. RIP jennie. classes are okay. friends are okay. sylvie fern is doing great so far. i can't really focus right now... or lately to be honest. things have changed since summer. i've got all the same people, some more involved than others but generally no one is that close. it's easier that way, you get less dissapointed the less invested you are.
i rode ponaynay ficus friday. he was perfect. there's something to look forward to; first ten minutes of hell then he's fine. dandy.
i'm tired, and i look like i just killed someone. True Life is on. it's a baby daddy one where the daddy is out of state or some shit like that. jasmine is is upset nathan ain't there to help her.

good luck jas.


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