Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today was a fine rainy day. Nothing really happened and in my book, that's a fanfuckintastic day. I haven't gone to see Rambo in a while and I miss him dearly. Apparently, he isn't being a naughty pony. He plays nice, sometimes. Over 75% of my outfit is from either Salvation army or sierra madre thrift. Huzzah. Phyllis is very irritating, mostly because I could probably cultivate snails faster than she can simply write down "y= 3x-24". I get to waste an hour and a half sitting, staring, and hoping she cracks a joke. She does have amazing arm flab and hips however and never ceases to amaze me. Her hair never seems to move. Her shoe tan is priceless. She has a certain swag that no human could ever replicate. In other words, I think I might... appreciate her.

George Ficus

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