Friday, October 29, 2010

Ball and Biscuit

Hey haunts-

I'm sitting here with sassy ass Giselle in Independent Religion. She's being totally rude and inconsiderate. I told her I'm blogging about her, a high honor in the Ficus community.
"I don't care," she said.
How dare she.
I'm dressed as Ms. Tymon today because it's "Halloween." She's little red ridding hood. I wish she was me...We took a picture together and photos will appear shortly.
George doesn't like to dress up, so he is just wearing a flower hat.
I'm doing homework all this weekend because of the play. It better be a good show because we've put too much damn work into it for it to suck.
I'm pissed off, tired, have rashes on my arms and legs, hungry and gorgeous.
Nice to meet you.

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