Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two Weeks in Hell

hello there ladies,

i am currently sitting on my mother's bed watching "two weeks in hell". these green barets are getting "smoked". nothing has really been going on. there are certain people out there that i simply cannot tolerate anymore. so heres to you ass holes, suck my dick. it's one thing to claim no phobias, but another to prove it.
georgia and i are having an odd first two weeks of school. RIP jennie. classes are okay. friends are okay. sylvie fern is doing great so far. i can't really focus right now... or lately to be honest. things have changed since summer. i've got all the same people, some more involved than others but generally no one is that close. it's easier that way, you get less dissapointed the less invested you are.
i rode ponaynay ficus friday. he was perfect. there's something to look forward to; first ten minutes of hell then he's fine. dandy.
i'm tired, and i look like i just killed someone. True Life is on. it's a baby daddy one where the daddy is out of state or some shit like that. jasmine is is upset nathan ain't there to help her.

good luck jas.

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