Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bladder Infections and Ex-Boyfriends.

So Georgia has a Bladder infection. I am currently sitting on her bed consolling her. She is wearing red shorts and tank top, minus a bra. At least she is wearing underwear. we had a going away dinner for Dyke Ficus. It was good and we met a few boys wearing themed shirts. Koolaid and Koolaid's friend weren't as tight as we thought. Elmo has been a douche. Georgia keeps harassing them and Koolaid's friend wants Georgia's goodies.

I hung out with My Dinger. He wants to start a Poligamist Cult. He invited Sylvia Ficus to join it. She denied the offer. Georgia doesn't want to say anything... she's a bit tired.

diva-licious. yes, it's hyphinated.

george ficus.

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