Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why helloooo there fellow bloggettes!

Sorry for the delay,I was too busy aiding the office. Yeah, Georgia isn't an office aide anymore, we miss her greatly. I now dance the dance of the printer...alone. I have office aide tomorrow so, let's see if tomorrow is filled with printing and shmoozing. Ponaynay Ficus will now be known as Rambo/Rocky Ficus. He feels nor fears no pain. Grandmother Willow got her ear peirced along with a short new hair cut. I say mid life crisis but really, her mom ruined her hair and the ear peircing just had to be done. I guess some of the orchard girls are making some naughty decisions. They aren't in the nursery anymore. Georgia looked like a pirate today in her huge men's button down shirt tucked into the tiny khaki skirt. Watch out there pirates of the world, my Wife is gonna kick some major sumali ass.
Yesterday, Swiss Chocolate and The Boy got in a fight. Guess who came up stairs crying? The Boy got beat by Swiss Chocolate. Hoorah to you swissy, hoorah.

Fight on little one, fight on.


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