Tuesday, September 28, 2010

People actually read this?

Really? People actually read what George an I say? The power of bordem and the internet is amazing. I hope you like the photo. It's from the vault. Doesn't George look like a certain Korean?

I'm getting over the flu. It was horrible on friday and saturday. I went the the Little One's party friday night, then proceeded to crash and burn (literally). My fever was no match for the weather, though. How the hell does a thermometer even break?

Jazz Hands Pattison is trying to hook me up with a man. Said man is in the play, but he is not my love interest. My love interest is a very nice senior (maybe junior) at PHS. He attempted to slap my booty in the play. Oy. No one showed up to rehearsal today, so we have to have friday rehearsal. I'm not happy or exxxcited about it.

I get a new telephone tomorrow. It's red. I'd appricate name suggestions.
RIP Benjamin. You will be missed, sweet phone.

Good vibes out to our lovely lunch woman. She was burned on her face this morning.


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