Wednesday, August 17, 2011

T-5 days

Hey lovers-

It was a very hot day. I accompanied a friend to LaSalle today. They start school tomorrow and today was their freshman orientation...all I can say is that I'm glad I don't go to LaSalle.

Everything is going well. I'm almost done with my summer reading, Alverno has new desks and I have a selection of photos for my locker. I've decided that the theme should be black divas. Not bad, right? Senior year hasn't even started yet, but it sure does look promising. The mister and I have two classes together. Office Aide and Creative Writing, maybe the two best classes ever. As office aides, we take our job very seriously, but I want to photocopy pictures of us on homework.

The "nice" guy I met at the scary high school party is still nice. XXX is his name now. He's teaching me to drive, but he doesn't have a license.

I ordered my senior pictures. They're coming in three weeks. The countdown begins...

I am etc.,

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