Wednesday, August 31, 2011


its funny how much people change in 3 years. this picture was taken when i was a sophomore, just a wee tot in the long view. i sure as hell wouldnt have worn these pants when i was in 8th grade and a mere 2 years later and BAM there they are. people are interesting, ever changing, creatures. i love LOVE that aspect of human kind even though it can be annoying.

Change isnt always good.. sometimes its scary. As much as people themselves change, they hate change when it happens. I personally hate when certain things decide to become different. for example, when my conditioner happens to magically change directions and go in my parents' bathroom. (if someone could explain this phenomenon i would be impressed and forever grateful.) it pisses me off then things dont go the way i want them to. it absolutely infuriates me when people cut me off on the freeway or dont stop at stop signs. Why? because thats how things are supposidly supposed to happen. i guess what i'm really getting at is that there really arent any definite ways to the world. we follow stop signs and signals because we have been told to. (and we dont want to dent our cars) we are creatures of habit and really, thats ok.

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