Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i typed in creepers in google images. apparently it is a type of show. "so ugly yet so cute."

i recently went to scandinavia. (it isnt one country it is a region in europe you dumb fucks) it was marvelous. a week after i got back, some extremist decided to massacre 84ish people. rest in peace peeps... terrorists suck. to be more specific i went to denmark, sweden, norway, russia, latvia, finland, and lets not forget Amsterdam, Holland. if any of you get to go to the baltics, please go to russia. it was my favy just fyi.

things are going extremely well right now for sea life. butters is in peru helping the orphans. (show me the orphans!) georgia is...doing georgia stuff and thats always a plus. dyke is..being dykey. (keep up the good work!) the little one is off the radar so, i guess that means shes doing well too. as for myself, i fell off a pony today and didnt land on my head so.. PROPS TO THE GEORGEY MAN!

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