Monday, January 10, 2011

I am in KATV and I'm an alcoholic

Hello flowers-

Welcome to the first blog of the New Year! I’m happy to say that the new year has been good for the past 10 days. Some of the festivities that went down are as follows…

-Alessia Co-anchor and I are still tired of KATV.

-Chicago is Alverno’s school musical. There is controversy over who will get the lead. Since our rival Mandela is up for the two largest parts, George and I feel compelled to root against them.

-I got a haircut. The lady dropped the shampoo bottle on my nose. My nose is terribly bruised, but my hair looks good. So, it was worth the pain.

-Stage Manager Ficus told Alessia to move.

-I went to Disneyland with my friend Libya Ficus. FUNNY STORY

We went to Sephora after Disneyland. As you may and should know, Sephora is my second home. The one in Pasadena is my favorite place in all of Paseo. Everyone working there knows me and my reputation. They give me free shit sometimes. SO, I had high expectations of the Anaheim branch. The minute I walked in, I found the nearest gay man working there and said this, “I need mascara that will give me porn star eyelashes for under $20.” He looked at me for five seconds and said, “Done.” I sat down with three choice mascaras ready. I was so flustered that when I tried to put it on, I shaked. Jose said, “CALM DOWN. YOU’RE TOO NERVOUS. Take a deep breath…ok. Put the mascara on.” I ended up with porn lashes for $12. Thank the Lord and Jose and my husband, George.

Mazel tov, 2011!


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