Saturday, August 7, 2010

toot it and boot it....what?

george is still away. now i am starting to undstand how he felt when i was gone.

i'm good. no complaints today. i tanned earlier and got a bank account because i am a working girl with checks to cash. i got to pick my debit card design. obviously, i am not an adorable kind of lady, so i picked the marine one. you're welcome, dad and george.
at work yesterday, thom oak and i drank yellow cat fucks. it is a delicious drink that must be had only on the terrace of the castle green. paddy brought us cookies and pickles, which i did not enjoy in the least.
mustang tobacco and i are going to watch mad men tonight. i'd watch mad men with anyone, but he's nice because he understands like kennedy references. i appriciate that.

i love astrud gilberto.

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