Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alpha Twin, Beta Twin.

Hello all. Sorry I haven't written lately. George and I are very busy bees.
This week is spirit week.
Today was twin day. (Never go full twin.) George and I wore men's running shorts from the 1980's. Mine were half purple and magenta. George's were neon pink. People enjoyed us, as usual. Tomorrow is wacky tacky day, so get ready Alverno community.
I'm going to Chicago for two weeks in july and I am just so PUMPED. It's going to be so Cuban, you have no idea. NO IDEA. Butters is upset because she isn't going to Chicago this summer. I'm upset too, but fuck it. I love you Butters.
There's this guy across the street. He drives a big truck. He's like 18. I want to be his friend. I only see him like once a month, so it's a difficult task. I will prevail.

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