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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Damn The Chickens

Chickens... Chirp chirp chirp chirp after god damn chirp after fucking chirp..... Silence. CHIRP CHIRP FUCK YOU CHIRP CHIRP!!!silence.... Peck peck.. Ding a ling.... Scratch scratch scratch flap chirp...chirp....chirp....GOD DAMN CHICKENS!!!! WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY IN MYROOM!?! they arent mine.. I never volunteered. Why me?

I crawl in bed after I check their water. I blanket the cage as if they were parakeets. These chickens are living the life of luxury. I wish I had someone tuck me in every night. I turn their heat lamp on; God forbid they get cold. They all huddle together and...chirp. Eventually, they quiet down but I still want them deep fried in a commercial bucket. See? Now they are gently chirping... Chirping chirping.... Chirping. You see, everytime I cover them I feel like I'm just throwing a blanket over my problems. They are hidden, but annoying as FUCK. I KNOW THEYRE THERE! I HEAR THEM AND SEE THEM! CAN'T YOU? IS IT JUST ME WITH THIS BURNING INFESTATION WITHIN ME?! AM I SO WRONG TO PULL A BLANKET OVER MY CHIRPING PROBLEMS?! THEY WONT SHUT UP NO MATTER HOW I SUBTLY STRANGLE AND GAG THEM! ....maybe it is just me... Maybe, just maybe, I'm wrong... Maybe I've done everything wrong and by taking the road less taken I took the wrong one... But, how to solve the problem of the chirping chickens? Goddamn chickens...

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