Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did you know...

That Cuba has a Chinatown? I didn't. I learned that right now while I'm avoiding me math work. They have an entire Chiantown district in Havana. Amazing! Them internets are great! I also just learned that Marie Antionette was killed in 1793, but was not buried until 1815. What did they do with her remains until 1815? Disgusting...

Sophomore Daisy is doing hard time on the computer next to me. Apparently, she committed a terrible crime, and Dean of Students gave her responsibilty DVD's to watch. I'd rather be doing hard time than my goddam math.

I'm seeing Glasses later. He's cool. George mentioned him in an earlier post. George and I both are cheating on each other and neither of us mind. We have an open marriage.

Butters wants me to put her in today's post. She changed her location on moodle from good ol' America to the Sandwich Islands. Her reason? "Because I am a women."
Yes you are, Butters.

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