Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Blues.

I hate Christmas. Everything is different this year and I am fine with that it's just...all so fake. My family tried to do a secret santa type deal and really, my mom just went out and bought everything. Someone gave me a shirt that reads "when i snap you'll be the first to go." Not only does that make me look like a bitch, but I really do snap sometimes. It's something I've had trouble with and the shirt makes my problem look like a joke.
I'm always seen or portrayed as the "bad" one. I don't do anything that bad. Apparently I'm promiscuous, a liar, a cheater, an over all horrible person. My father refused to go to his mother's house. Fine. Despite the drama at Thanksgiving, he should have still gone to make her happy. I'm not the only Christmas Ruiner. Maybe it's genetic. Now he wants me to apologize to my little sister because it's Always me. I Always fuck up. It's expected. Apologies can't be forced and thus I'm not going to apologize to simply make my hypocritical father happy. I'll apologize when I'm good and ready so, not anytime soon.
I ruined Christmas last year. I did it again this year. Atleast I'm consistent.

happy holidays everyone.


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