Thursday, October 27, 2011

Midnight in the Morgue

It smells like death. It's dark. I feel like i have been here before but I'm not quite sure. The place is mostly used storage. My boyfriend works in the Fridge. That's what we call it, in the back of the morgue where they put the bodies in cold drawers. I hang out with him after hours. the whole death thing doesn't bother us. Sometimes we open the drawers and look at all the serene faces. The people just look fake. It's weird being the only one alive in a crowd.
It must be weird to switch religions daily. One day Catholic, the next day non denominational. Funeral homes are so ironic when you think about them. First of all, they are not really homes. Second of all they dress up dead people to look "alive". They look like manikins to me. Fucked up manikins. "When I die just bury my as I am. On the top of a hill." He looked up from his news paper. "Ok." Back to the sports section. He didn't like to get too philosophical. He said it made him depressed. I looked at him for a second and asked if he wanted a cigarette. Again he just looked up, "No thanks." Back down, reading.
I never thought my life would come to this. Funeral Home at 2 AM, inhale, exhale. Rings float up and disappear. The funeral home is up by the mountains. Weird shit happens in mountains. A guy on a horse just rode by. The first thing that came to mind was "Do you think this guy is a pedophile?". Dropped the end, made a wish, put it out. I make a wish every time I put a cigarette out. Weird habits keep your character alive. I turned to go back inside, walked into a massive spider web. I'm an arachniphobe. Sobbing and hyperventilating i made it back into his office. He was still reading the paper. The paper went down and he got up. I walked up to him and collapsed into his arms.
The next day, he walked me to the car. It was about 9 AM. His shift was over.
"Do you want me to drive you back home?" He looked at me for a good ten seconds, searching for an answer. He finally said "No, I'm going to walk." I pulled out of the parking lot. My back hurt from sleeping on the cot in the middle of the room. He just finished reading the paper when I crashed on the make shift bed. I remember him saying goodnight. He doesn't talk much and I thought it was sweet, almost an "I love you" in a weird way.
Driving home took a long 5 minutes. I turned the radio on. "NO I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A DIVORCE LAWYER!" I turned it off. I parked in the driveway, locked the doors and went in. Just how I left it. "Hey house". I turned on the TV. Flipped the channels. Nothing worth wasting my time on. I moved from room to room almost gracefully, then turned on the shower. I undressed and got in. The front door opened. I paused. Turned the shower off. "Hello?"
"Give me a second. I'll be right out..."
"Oh you don't need to rush I just wanted to shovel your food in my face."
"God damn it. Why did I give you a key?"
"Fuck you. You need to go to the Trader Joe's down the block, get some real food."
"Not all of us are living off our parent's inheritance..."
"It's a hard job."

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