Monday, April 25, 2011

T-5 days

Until the Doo Dah Parade. I am nervous and stressed, but it will be a good time. All of Sealife+ Man Ficus will be in it, in addition to Brazil Ficus and 4 of Alverno's finest teachers. Jesus isn't invited though.
I haven't been feeling like myself since last week. Jazz Hands was mean to me and I'm still angry about it. Mass sucked. Catholic shit sucks. Mr. Sifter would be way cooler if he wasn't Catholic.
Lately I've been going to the library and checking out five CD's at a time and putting them on my iPod, Vincent Vega. I think I've put 25 new albums on him. I like the library. I wish I'd go more often, especially because it's only three blocks from 660. My mom's house is by a library too. I think I want to live by libraries forever. Nothing bad happens at the library...except Columbine.

I am etc.,

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