Sunday, April 17, 2011

Maybe if you smiled more, you'd have more friends.

APUSH: Advanced placement United States History.

This is a class that I have been in since june of last year when myself and my fellow students were assigned to do a shit ton of summer homework. My time in the class as been stressful and exhausting, mostly due to the insane amount of homework. As of one hour ago, I am done with all of the homework of the class.


Now, let's not get too excited. The AP test is rapidly approaching, but I'm confident that everyone in the class will be successful, and we will be successful thanks to that shit ton of homework.

In other news...

I saw Musician Ficus yesterday and Ballerino Ficus friday. Both men are good and I enjoyed my time with them for very different reasons.

Now that I have my life back, I promise to blog more often. I'll tell George to as well.

I am etc.,


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