Monday, March 22, 2010

The delegates have been chosen.

Today was a very exciting day for the Ficus'ssssss.

1. It is convention week. BIG FREAKIN DEAL. Someone nominated me twice for some shitty positions I didn't want...TWICE. I lost, but I heard I did pretty well in the voting. At least i got to compete with George's sister.

George and myself are delegates for our respective delegations. At least I won something. My delegation isn't very spirited. I yelled at them. I get shit done right.

2. In Spanish, I was drawing something profane on George's binder. He hit my with ninja like reflexes. God damn.

Every day, Shasta confuses me a little more. She was singing and touching my leg today. Also, she's having a party. Here's the invitation.

TO: World.
FROM: Shasta.
WHERE: Castle in the sky.

Isn't she cute?

I got a bruise on my left knee. No, it's not from sports. Do I look like I play sports? Come on, now. It's from a meeting with Kip on Satur'sday. I didn't even bump into anything. I'm just retarded and clumsy. Mrs. Van said I am graceful, though. Different strokes...

I just noticed. The font I am using is called Georgia. Meant to be...
-Miss Georgia Ficus.

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