Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Bitch

Georgia and I have decided that 'blog bitch' is the proper term for blogging women. So, she is a blog bitch considering that I am theoretically a man.
Today was another convention wasn't very exciting or... Realistic even. My father ordered my birthday present. Milo and I were watching TV. A KFC commercial came on and he announced that he "Wants that combo!". After this declaration of fried chicken, he got up and left.
I walked Georgia down the sttreet. She ditched me. As my sister and I drove down the freeway, Def Leopard came on with "pour some sugar on me." she was more than excited. Some creepy guy driving next to us saw her bodacious dance moves and decided to blow a kiss and stare at us through the window... "I'm hot, sticky and sweet.." will never mean the same thing to me again..


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